Available Colors

Product Features:


  • It folds up in a handy pouch nearly 1/6 dimension compared with the cushions in the market. It’s able to be carried in the pockets of your jacket, backpack, handbag or briefcase


  • Ergonomically support lower back and fit the seat in airplanes, public vehicles and boats, where your lower back should rest in a reclined position. Provides more spinal relief.


  • The patented added support box makes extra support for your back. Tied with cushion and not forgotten


  • CoolPass wicking fabric. Avoid sweating in the cabin


  • New technology memory form environmentally friendly. Slow rebound & firm touch feeling

Packing Data:


  • Number of products per SKU: 1


  • G.W. per SKU (g/Unit): 387


  • Overall Dimension on Display per Unit (cm): 12 x 18 x 6


  • Units on a 25 cm Hook: 3


  • Units/CDU Packing: 3


  • Overall Dimension CDU (cm): 12 x 18 x 22.5


  • Quantities per Carton (Units): 48 (ONE COLOR ONLY)


  • Carton Size (cm): 50 x 38 x 47


  • G.W. / N.W. (Kgs): 22 / 18.5
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