More people are spending more time sitting at work or on the go than ever before. Seats in the office or on the vehicle generally don't fit everyone's body. Back pain after doing it for a long time, still day after day.


We are committed to the research, design and development of pillows and cushions to make up for the defects that the seat cannot meet the individual posture, improve the sitting posture, promote blood circulation and reduce the pressure on the waist, shoulders and neck, so that people can be more comfortable, safe and comfortable at work or on the road.




We are dedicated to researching, designing and developing pillow and cushions.


We set reasonable prices for distribution partners, coordinate distribution channels, win-win cooperation, and provide high-quality services to consumers.


We study competitive brands and products, determine our suggested retail price, and price in the same price band with unique design and superior performance, so that consumers can obtain more cost-effective.

We try our best to control product costs and operating expenses, provide distribution partners with reasonable commodity order prices, batches and lead times, so that distribution partners can obtain sufficient gross profit, order easily and improve turnover rate.